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Dr John Males, Principal surgeon at Sydney Cornea Clinic, is a leader in laser vision correction, cataract surgery, corneal transplantation including DSEK, DSAEK and DALK, keratoconus treatments including collagen cross linking, corneal rings (kerarings and intacs), phakic intraocular lenses, and anterior segment reconstruction.

Professional Qualifications

Dr Males is the head of the Cornea Unit of Sydney Eye Hospital. He is a consultant ophthalmologist at Sydney Eye Hospital, St Vincent's Public and Private Hospitals, Concord Hospital and Macquarie University Hospital. Dr Males is a clinical Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney Macquarie University. He has consulting rooms in Sydney and Liverpool and is the Chair of the Corneal Unit at Sydney Eye Hospital, as well as the acting Head of Department of Ophthalmology for St Vincent's Public Hospital. He is also the Production Manager of the NSW Lions Eye Bank and Principal Coordinator for the Masters of Refractive Surgery at the University Sydney, the first post graduate degree in refractive surgery in the world.

Dr Males underwent his medical training at the University of Sydney and his Ophthalmic training in Sydney Eye Hospital, and Bristol Eye Hospital in the United Kingdom.

Dr Males has been at the forefront of ophthalmology and has introduced numerous surgical techniques in Australia. His achievements include:

  • The first in Australia to perform DSAEK endothelial corneal transplantation
  • The first in Australia to perform collagen cross linking (C3R, UVX) for the stabilisation of keratoconus
  • The first in Australia to perform custom iris implant surgery with the human optics iris prosthesis
  • Amongst the first surgeons to perform laser assisted cataract surgery in Australia

Dr Males performs laser vision correction including blade free intralase LASIK and laser surface ablation. Dr Males offers all the latest technologies in the treatment of eye disease, including blade free LASIK using the Intralase laser; and laser surface ablation. Dr Males customises the treatment options to each individual circumstance, as no two individuals are alike.

Dr Males has published numerous articles in peer reviewed scientific journals, and is a frequent speaker at local and international meetings ophthalmic meetings.



Dr Michael Delaney


Dr Michael Delaney has lectured extensively on laser vision correction including presentations to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology. Whilst Dr Delaney has ceased performing operations, he is still actively consulting clinic patients and medico-legal clients.


Dr Delaney was an invited lecturer at the New South Wales Law Society’s seminars “Medicine for Lawyers” held at the College of Law in 1984. This lecture was subsequently published in book form by the College of Law along with the other papers from the seminars. Dr Delaney was a guest lecturer at the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers’ National Conference in 1998 lecturing on Medico-Legal issues related to excimer laser eye surgery. Dr Delaney has made numerous presentations to National and State Meetings of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) on ophthalmic Medico-Legal issues.

In addition to the RANZCO lectures Dr Delaney has been a regular speaker at Medico-Legal seminars organised by the legal profession. These seminars covered various aspects of Ophthalmic Medico-Legal matters and were fully accredited by the New South Wales Law Society.

Dr Delaney has a busy Medico-Legal practice advising both plaintiffs and defendants in common law and Worker’s Compensation cases. He is also actively involved in medical negligence cases for both plaintiffs and defendants. He continues to lecture on these topics.

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